Kelham Island Brewery
Kelham Island Brewery was built in 1990 in the Beer Garden of the Fat Cat in Alma Street. The first brew was in September, making Kelham Island Brewery the first new independent brewery in Sheffield in almost 100 years. Using equipment purchased from the recently closed Oxford Brewery this allowed for full mash brewing of around 10 brewers barrels every week. As demand increased the decision was taken to move to new premises and a purpose built brewery was constructed a short distance from the original brewhouse. The original brewhouse was converted to a visitors centre and in March 1999 the new brewery opened with a five fold increase in capacity to 50 brewers barrels.

Kelham Island
Since Kelham Island Brewery opened, all four of Sheffield’s large breweries were to close, Whitbread went in 1993, Hope & Anchor on Claywheels Lane finished in 1994, Stones Brewery & Wards Brewery both closed in 1999 leaving Kelham Island Brewery as Sheffield’s oldest brewery still in production. By 2008 and with the demand for real ale still on the increase Kelham Island Brewery was again updated and the size of the brewery was doubled to its current capacity 100 brewers barrels.