2018 Specials

Bring Me Sunshine 3.7%

JANUARY – An easy drinking pale ale packed with US hops to give a refreshing citrus  aroma and palate with background notes of pineapple and mango, and a smooth, full palate

Vincent Black Lightning 4.8%

JANUARY – A dark continental style ale, brewed with 6 different malts, late hopped with European and New Zealand hops and fermented with a specially selected continental yeast

Aviator 4.1%

FEBRUARY – A golden bitter, a style of ale once extremely popular in Sheffield. Brewed with the finest English malts and a blend of British and Slovenian hops, to give a smooth, yet pleasantly bitter palate with a floral/herbal aroma

Bête Noire 5.5%

FEBRUARY – An annual outing for our ever popular stout, brewed with a trio of the finest dark malts, to bring you an aroma of dark chocolate with a sweet satisfying palate and a smooth finish

I Want That One 5.3%

MARCH – This is a robust full bodied classic pale ale, a complex fruity aroma and flavour, with hints of lemon and coconut, derived from a blend of US, European and New Zealand hops

Rock Me Amadeus 5%

APRIL – A refreshing golden ale. Brewed with lager malt to give a clean, fresh palate, a blend of British and European hops give the beer a slightly floral aroma with a background of citrus fruits

Another Fine Mess 4%

APRIL – A rich malty porter, brewed with the finest ale malt and a blend of four different roasted malts complimented with the sweet creamy taste of vanilla

Wild Rider 5.5%

MAY – A strong full flavoured IPA brewed with a renegade band of hops from around the world, for a massive explosive hop aroma. Wickedly juicy, mouth watering and satisfyingly aromatic

Mod Mild 3.7%

MAY – A mild ale that is easy drinking, with a smooth slightly sweet palate, beautifully balanced with a pleasant bitterness, from our addition of the choicest English hops. A flavour of the swinging sixties

Kingston 4.2%

JUNE – A slightly sweet stout brewed with 3 different roasted malts to give you coffee and caramel flavours and spiced up with the addition of root ginger

Ab Fab 3.7%

JUNE – A session ale, packed with American hops to give a zesty citrus aroma and a crisp dry finish

Golden Axe 4.2%

JULY – A full bodied golden ale, it’s slight sweetness is balanced with a pleasant  bitterness from the Columbus hops and an aroma of tropical fruits is derived from the late addition of a blend of New Zealand and American hops

Best Of You 5.5%

JULY – A pale ale brewed with four varieties of US hops, Columbus for bitterness and late hopped with Amarillo, Centennial and Citra bringing you an explosion of citrus fruit characters, to give a sharp refreshing palate

Shooting Stars 4.2%

AUGUST – An all English pale ale, brewed with locally sourced malt and three varieties of English hops, that give this beer a fruity, spicy and slight grapefruit character

It's Goodnight From Him 4%

SEPTEMBER – A full bodied, smooth stout, brewed with five different malts including oat malt, gives this beer a rich malty flavour with notes of chocolate coffee and liquorice on the aroma

I Tried So Hard 4.8%

SEPTEMBER – A clean refreshing blonde ale, with a smooth slightly dry flavour, a blend of Slovenian and U.S. hops give this beer a vibrant, zesty citrus character

IPA Of The Dead 5.9%

OCTOBER – An IPA to celebrate Mexico’s Day of the Dead, a lively blend of both old and new world hops gives you a fresh tangy aroma of citrus fruits and a pleasantly bittered palate. A beer that’s definitely full bodied

Jarvis Juice 5%

OCTOBER – A beer brewed in the style of a German Marzen bier. A beer with a rich malty sweetness and a subtle spicy, herbal aroma, derived from a blend of three of the finest German hops

Chasing Casks 4.1%

NOVEMBER – An Irish style stout, with a burnt, roast aroma , with a hint of coffee. The silky smooth mouthfeel gives way to a clean, refreshing slightly dry flavour

I'm On Fire 4.6%

NOVEMBER – A pale ale brewed with an addition of rye malt to give a crisp dry finish to this beer. This beer is brewed entirely with Slovenian hops to bring you a floral aroma with hints of citrus fruits

Sup It And See 4.5%

DECEMBER -A traditional stout brewed with the finest roast malts, to give a full malty flavour with hints of coffee, chocolate and liquorice all this complimented by the flavour of sweet black cherries, makes this a warming drink for a winter’s day

Drinking In The Air 4.1%

DECEMBER – A full bodied malty pale ale, crammed with a blend of Us and New Zealand hops to give a floral and fruity character. A beer to melt the heart of any snowman