Core Beers

Kelham Island Brewery Core Beers

Our famous core beer range consists of Kelham Best, Riders On The Storm, Pale Rider, Easy Rider and Pride Of Sheffield. These can be found in some local supermarkets and from our online shop

2018 Specials

Bring Me Sunshine 3.7%

JANUARY – An easy drinking pale ale packed with US hops to give a refreshing citrus  aroma and palate with background notes of pineapple and mango, and a smooth, full palate

Vincent Black Lightning 4.8%

JANUARY – A dark continental style ale, brewed with 6 different malts, late hopped with European and New Zealand hops and fermented with a specially selected continental yeast

Aviator 4.1%

FEBRUARY – A golden bitter, a style of ale once extremely popular in Sheffield. Brewed with the finest English malts and a blend of British and Slovenian hops, to give a smooth, yet pleasantly bitter palate with a floral/herbal aroma

Bête Noire 5.5%

FEBRUARY – An annual outing for our ever popular stout, brewed with a trio of the finest dark malts, to bring you an aroma of dark chocolate with a sweet satisfying palate and a smooth finish

I Want That One 5.3%

MARCH – This is a robust full bodied classic pale ale, a complex fruity aroma and flavour, with hints of lemon and coconut, derived from a blend of US, European and New Zealand hops

Rock Me Amadeus 5%

APRIL – A refreshing golden ale. Brewed with lager malt to give a clean, fresh palate, a blend of British and European hops give the beer a slightly floral aroma with a background of citrus fruits

Another Fine Mess 4%

APRIL – A rich malty porter, brewed with the finest ale malt and a blend of four different roasted malts complimented with the sweet creamy taste of vanilla

Wild Rider 5.5%

MAY – A strong full flavoured IPA brewed with a renegade band of hops from around the world, for a massive explosive hop aroma. Wickedly juicy, mouth watering and satisfyingly aromatic

Mod Mild 3.7%

MAY – A mild ale that is easy drinking, with a smooth slightly sweet palate, beautifully balanced with a pleasant bitterness, from our addition of the choicest English hops. A flavour of the swinging sixties

Kingston 4.2%

JUNE – A slightly sweet stout brewed with 3 different roasted malts to give you coffee and caramel flavours and spiced up with the addition of root ginger

Ab Fab 3.7%

JUNE – A session ale, packed with American hops to give a zesty citrus aroma and a crisp dry finish

Golden Axe 4.2%

JULY – A full bodied golden ale, it’s slight sweetness is balanced with a pleasant  bitterness from the Columbus hops and an aroma of tropical fruits is derived from the late addition of a blend of New Zealand and American hops

Best Of You 5.5%

JULY – A pale ale brewed with four varieties of US hops, Columbus for bitterness and late hopped with Amarillo, Centennial and Citra bringing you an explosion of citrus fruit characters, to give a sharp refreshing palate

Shooting Stars 4.2%

AUGUST – An all English pale ale, brewed with locally sourced malt and three varieties of English hops, that give this beer a fruity, spicy and slight grapefruit character

It's Goodnight From Him 4%

SEPTEMBER – A full bodied, smooth stout, brewed with five different malts including oat malt, gives this beer a rich malty flavour with notes of chocolate coffee and liquorice on the aroma

I Tried So Hard 4.8%

SEPTEMBER – A clean refreshing blonde ale, with a smooth slightly dry flavour, a blend of Slovenian and U.S. hops give this beer a vibrant, zesty citrus character

IPA Of The Dead 5.9%

OCTOBER – An IPA to celebrate Mexico’s Day of the Dead, a lively blend of both old and new world hops gives you a fresh tangy aroma of citrus fruits and a pleasantly bittered palate. A beer that’s definitely full bodied

Jarvis Juice 5%

OCTOBER – A beer brewed in the style of a German Marzen bier. A beer with a rich malty sweetness and a subtle spicy, herbal aroma, derived from a blend of three of the finest German hops

Chasing Casks 4.1%

NOVEMBER – An Irish style stout, with a burnt, roast aroma , with a hint of coffee. The silky smooth mouthfeel gives way to a clean, refreshing slightly dry flavour

I'm On Fire 4.6%

NOVEMBER – A pale ale brewed with an addition of rye malt to give a crisp dry finish to this beer. This beer is brewed entirely with Slovenian hops to bring you a floral aroma with hints of citrus fruits

Sup It And See 4.5%

DECEMBER -A traditional stout brewed with the finest roast malts, to give a full malty flavour with hints of coffee, chocolate and liquorice all this complimented by the flavour of sweet black cherries, makes this a warming drink for a winter’s day

Drinking In The Air 4.1%

DECEMBER – A full bodied malty pale ale, crammed with a blend of Us and New Zealand hops to give a floral and fruity character. A beer to melt the heart of any snowman