Brewer For The Day

Experience what it takes to be a proper Kelham Island Brewer! 

The day’s experience will be as follows.

7am – Arrive @ the brewery to mash ahead of the day’s brew
7:30 – Bacon sarny and coffee with an introduction to the brewing process
8 – Set up the malt for the next brew, an introduction to different malt varieties
8:30 – Start of run-off from mash tun and wort collection in copper
9 – Weighing out hops and introduction to different hope varieties and their use in beer and a review of the important of boiling
10 – Start of boil and digging mash tun
11 – Coffee break and introduction to fermentation
11:45 – Preparations for run off to fermenter and review of plant cleaning

12:20 – Lunch and a pint in The Fat Cat
13:05 – Pitching of yeast
13:15 – Review of racking and condition process
13:45 – Review of the day and questions over a pint in the pub
14:15 – All done

You will receive a certificate and collect a mini keg of the beer you brewed a week later